Cher Attacked Melania Trump And Barron

Cher attacked Melania Trump Friday morning for no good reason at all, she stated that Melania often looks “sad” and “angry,” and that she feels “bad” for her.

She then decided to talk about Trump’s relationship with his son Barron, saying that she has never seen the President “hug, give nuggies, or play with his son.”

I cannot understand how these celebrities have the nerve to attack our First Lady and her son. Seeing how they easily make “jokes” about Trump’s death, it seems like the feel free to say anything.

Melania took the high road and made no comment about Cher’s vicious attacks, instead she boarded Air Force one with her family to spend the 4th of July weekend in New Jersey.

The first lady and Barron never gave a reason for all these vicious attacks by the press and the celebrities.

Here is a video of Trump and Melania, in which you can see the couple how great they are together.

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