Top NFL QB Uses 4 Words to Explain LV Massacre… Get Ready The Media Is About To Freak

Kirsters Baish| It’s normal that after a tragic shooting like the Las Vegas massacre happens in America that the media begins a wild goose chase for all of the answers. It seems that every single time, the media comes up with the answer of gun control legislation. The media is often so ready to push the gun control “solution,” that they don’t tend to think about the things that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz thought about after the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas this past Sunday. Wentz went on Twitter to explain his own point of view on our most current situations.All it took was four little words to get his point across. And, I can almost guarantee you that the media isn’t going to like what Wentz had to say. The mainstream media has been trying to remove Christianity from our country, so the fact that Wentz tweeted “The world needs Jesus,” means that he will certainly be under attack.

Early on Monday morning, Wentz shared his condolences with the world and pushed Americans to look to a higher power for help. He urged Americans to trust Jesus and keep those lost in the massacre in their prayers.

Wentz’s tweet read, “So much hate and evil. So sad. The World needs Jesus in a bad way. Praying for all those affected in Vegas.”

While the Left would love to completely erase Christianity from our country, they will not be successful. Our world does need God. We all need something to believe in, and politicians and the mainstream media won’t ever look to Jesus for guidance.

The Washington Examiner actually reported that Democrats are pushing to move forward with harsh gun control legislation… before the full details of the event and the shooter are even released to the public. As Conservative Tribune wrote, “in case you were wondering, no — they haven’t forgotten Rahm Emanuel’s maxim about letting a good crisis go to waste.”

There is good news for Americans, however. Congressional Republicans are working to block the ridiculous impulse of the Left to legislate gun control so quickly. After all, they don’t even know the details of the story yet.

Republican Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas actually stated, “I just think politicizing this terrible tragedy is beyond disgusting and we ought to wait a respectful period of time, out of respect for people who lost their lives or were injured before we get into the push and shove of politics around here.”

There is another important thing to remember, something that no piece of legislation can prevent. Pure evil does exist, and no law will change that. The massacre in Las Vegas that took the lives of at least 59 people and injured more than 500 was an act of pure evil. Banning guns will not change the mentality of a truly evil individual.

The only thing our country can do in order to work towards preventing another horrific shooting like this one is to bring God back. The values that made our country such a wonderful place in the first place must be restored.

It’s great to at least see Carson Wentz reminding Americans that they must trust in Jesus. If the media won’t be the ones to step up and say something, we all must take the responsibility on ourselves.