President Trump Told Hillary Clinton “You’d Be in Jail!”…

On this day, one year ago, during the presidential race, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were too busy promoting their program who will put America back on the right track. As you can see, one year later we have Donald Trump serving as the 45th President of our country. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton spends her time whining and blaming everyone for lossing the election.

No one can forget the moment when Trump smashed down Hillary Clinton with only five words. During the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri, candidate Trump told Hillary Clinton, “You’d be in jail!” when he enters the White House. Let’s recall that hilarious moment of the debate.

It is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country,” Hillary Clinton said full with self confidence.

But Trump did not let the crooked Hillary to enjoy the show, he immediately fired back

Because you’d be in jail,” he responded simply and the audience started screaming, applauding his response. It was the best debate line ever. With only few words Trump said everything you have to know about Hillary Clinton.


American voters made the right decision on last-year’s election. We avoided big evil, we avoided Hillary Clinton as the leader of this great nation.  Now, one year later, Trump supporters are still waiting to see Hillary Clinton to be charged for all of her committed crimes.

Two years ago New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani famously said Hillary Clinton should be investigated for breaking 15 federal laws. He said that “Hillary needs a really good criminal lawyer. I mean she is in serious jeopardy.”

General Petraeus was got prosecuted for doing approximately one-tenth of what she’s alleged to have done… There are specific federal crimes, I could give you a list of fifteen of them if you’d like, that she should be investigated for, for which there needs to be an answer. According to the public record, the answer to many of those is there is probable cause to believe she committed a crime. I qualify that by saying the public record,” Giuliani told Sean Hannity.

Are you glad that Crooked Hillary Clinton is not our President? Share this moment to remind the rest of the Americans that we should be thankful for having Donald Trump as our leader.