Jeffery Dean Morgan Had Incredible Response for the Liberals Who Attacked Him Because of His ‘Offensive’ Shirt

When Jeffery Dean Morgan, the Walking Dead star, found out about the Las Vegas massacre, he shared a photo of himself wearing a shirt with a message that instantly infuriated the liberals. Anyhow, knowing that the liberals will complain, he had a response waiting for them.

It’s refreshing to see some Hollywood celebrities standing for what is right, unlike the others who are just looking to divide this great country.

Few days after the Vegas mass shooting, Dean Morgan not only wanted to express his condolences to the victims’ families but also to show his appreciation to those who risked their lives to save others. Morgan posted a photo wearing a Thin Blue Line” t-shirt on October 3.

And instantly the intolerant liberals started to attack the actor for the photo, calling him names simply because he expressed appreciation towards those who rushed that night to save the people from the terror that was happening. Luckily, Morgan was one step ahead of them. Along with the photo he wrote:

 “Dear assholes. Blue lives do matter. Can’t believe I need to explain to you this fact. All lives matter. All of em. This shirt was made in response to the cold blooded murder of two GOOD cops in NY, both that had immigrated to the US, and took an oath to protect and serve. This shirt was given to me at a convention by a woman, who’s son, was shot during what was a routine traffic stop. He was black. I’m so tired of mean people. People who wake up in the morning, and I think, just sit behind the safety of their computers… anonymously… and start s**t. Grow the f**k up. The world has enough horrible things going on right now without your petty bulls**t. Speaking of cops… I’d like to commend those in blue that saved countless lives in vegas. Those first responders saved hundreds… if not thousands. So you trolls…. go crawl under the rock in which you came. GOOD PEOPLE MATTER. You? Don’t.”

Even though Morgan had an incredible response, the bigoted, racist comment started to pour in from his liberal fans. They called him a “Nazi” even though he made it clear that everyone matters. As every angry liberal took time to criticize the actor, the Black Lives Matter organization proved how big of hypocrites they are. The organization says they fight for equal rights of minorities, especially black people in America, they vigorously opposed Morgan’s support of the black police officer who lost his life fighting to defend the black community.

The liberals got even more angry when Morgan addressed their logical misconceptions, causing his Twitter feed to be flooded with despicable comments. So, the actor decided to be the better man and end the hatred there, by taking down the post. But he issued an additional statement saying:

 “I stand behind the sentiment” of what was originally posted — but “what was meant as one thing has been taken as another. I understand those that are upset… and to those people I apologize,” he said. “This country means the world to me. The good people in it mean the world to me… the ones [sic] looking for a fight around every corner? Racists? Bullies? They don’t. We are a country divided and it’s getting scarier every day,” he added.

Even though Morgan had no reason to apologize for his post and what he wrote, he chose to just to let the others know he is not like them to fight and divide this country.

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