Hilarious: This Cartoon Perfectly Describes the Current Trump-NFL Battle

The NFL’s end might appear closer than it actually is. 

The League has been struggling with low viewership numbers, record-breaking ticket sales drop and overall rating demise. Will this teach the NFL a lesson not to mess with Americans? Hopefully.

Even though the NFL did their best to implement a new set of rules for the players and fans to respect, all regarding the rigid anti-anthem protests, it doesn’t seem they have worked.
It even got so bad that live game broadcasts decided not to show the national anthem part, or how it was received in Charlotte, during last night’s game. This brings another set of problems for the League itself.

The Eagles vs. Panthers game ended with many spectators refusing to watch it in the first place, despite multiple broadcast sources. This resulted in a 5% drop in viewership from last week’s game between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Unlike this weekend’s game, the Patriots-Buccaneers game was one where everyone stood during the national anthem and paid tribute to all victims killed in the aggressive Las Vegas shooting. That game alone gave the NFL a 12% boost in viewership, which shows how Americans feel about both the anthem and patriotism.

Last week’s numbers, however, show an 8% decline in viewership. That should certainly ring an alarm to NFL board members.

The entire turn of events goes to show the NFL took things a little too political down the road, causing themselves a self-sabotage of monumental proportions.

The NFL was constructed so it can help rising stars shine even brighter, while the country praises their successes. Still, it seems as though liberals used it to carry out their pity parties, endless whining, and severe anti-American agenda. If you have in mind the amount of money these athletes are paid, doesn’t it make you scream with anger?

I mean, do your freakin’ job, right?!

And if you so care to protest and kneel and do whatever your little heart desires, do it on your own time instead of forcing everyone to look at your degrading acts. The NFL took a while to sober up and react and had this been resolved earlier, things might not have escalated as much.

Now, with all matters left being sensitive as they are, things are not looking up. From this point of view, bright days for the NFL are long gone. It is, though, a sad day for all true Americans who favored their Sunday routine of having a beer and relaxing in front of the TV.

President Trump made himself heard on the matter as well, speaking to show host Sean Hannity and telling him:

“Frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game and he would have never done it again,” Trump said, proposing additional suspensions for the player until he changed his mind…

“I will tell you cannot disrespect our country, our flag, our anthem,” he said. “You cannot do that.”

Trump made a reference to the incident during his Pennsylvania speech Wednesday.

“I think people forgot how patriotic we are. I think people forgot how much we love our country,” he said. “They’ve learned over the last week, haven’t they?”

All ratings point to one thing alone- Americans are not prepared to put up with nonsense of this caliber and will not let their country to be belittled at the hands of delusional liberals who cannot deal with the fact that President Trump won. And if this is not a lesson enough for them, I am sure their bank accounts should clear that up really quickly.

I mean, it is pretty much clear who won here, and if you are still unsure of it, just take  look at this clever cartoon: