With A Simple Move Melania Trump Made History Today And It’s Totally FANTASTIC

Melania Trump is about to become a part of the world’s most prestigious museum!

Once a rarely-seen politician’s wife, Melania has transformed into a beloved fixture of American culture since becoming First Lady — and she did it in literal style.

A former supermodel, Melania attended her husband’s inauguration in a stunning off-the-shoulder gown designed by French designer Hervé Pierre.

She looked fabulous.

This week, Melania’s dress will be donated to the Smithsonian

Her ensemble will become a part of the First Ladies exhibit, according to Fox News.

It’s a fitting tribute for a woman who often speaks with her clothes as much as she does with her words.

Her look stunned the world when it debuted — and now they’ll be able to witness it in person.

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Melania has brought so much class to this White House. She deserves it.