Liberal Reporter Wanted to Know How History Will Remember Trump..Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gave the Perfect Answer [VIDEO]

When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got recently asked at a press briefing how President Trump will go down in history, she didn’t hold back to give an adequate response. The question stemmed from recent remarks made by senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) who were doubtful of Trump’s ability to run the office in the first place.

“There were many people — I was one of those — who hoped he would rise to the occasion and aspire to lead our nation instead of dividing it,” Corker said. “He hasn’t risen to the occasion. At this point I realize what we’re dealing with, I think like most Americans.”

“We must never meekly accept the daily sundering of our country – the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms, and institutions, the flagrant disregard for truth or decency, the reckless provocations,” Flake spoke while on the Senate floor.

Not too long ago, former president George W. Bush used Trump’s residency as the basis for a debate related to various issues in the country, including the issue of nationality and America’s boiling everything down to “nativism.”

“We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,” Bush said. “We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade, forgetting that conflict, instability, and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism. We’ve seen the return of isolationist sentiments, forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places.”

Sarah Sanders, as snappy to liberals as she can be, gave the question a suitable answer:

“I certainly think history is going to look at this president as somebody who helped defeat ISIS,” she began, “Who built an economy that’s stronger than it’s been in several decades. Who brought unemployment to a 16-year-low. Who’s created over 1.6 million jobs since being elected? I think those are the things that people actually care about, not some petty comments from Senator Corker and Senator Flake.”

“And I think they’re a lot more concerned about the big policy initiatives that this president is driving,” she continued, “Including historic tax cuts, which we’re gonna get done by the end of this year, and then start focusing on some other things. Those are the things this president will be remembered by.”

Liberal journalists are not used to not getting their way, but they’re always forgetting one major thing: The American people that elected President Trump and don’t care to see their wishes being stomped over.