Journalist Believes Nancy Pelosi Represents “All Women,” Carlson Can’t Hold His Laughter

Cathy Areu, an author, journalist and the founding publisher of Catalina magazine, appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, and shared her honest opinion about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saying she represents “all women.”

“Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi represents all women,” Carlson asked her.

“Well, absolutely, she’s not bought and paid for by anyone,” Areu said, and Carlson started laughing, as she added, “That means that she’s there for her own passion

“Your faith is childlike and therefore impressive,” Carlson stated right before the end of the segment as he was trying to control his laughter.

During the segment, Carlson said he believes Pelosi will not be elected speaker of the House if the Democrats win the majority of Congress in 2018. But Areu claimed that Pelosi has a “different perspective” as a woman that was too much value to lose.

Carlson is wondering “Why (Nancy Pelosi’s) gender is central to her job.”

Areu pointed out that if they lose Pelosi America will be set “back 50 years.”

Adding that “men happen to be afraid of women in power, that’s just a fact.”

Carlson thought her statement was so extreme that he posted on Twitter.

As a response people said they don’t share the same opinion as Areu.

During the interview, Carlson asked Areu about how her thoughts on woman’s perspective align with her thought on gender changing.

“Pulling the woman card is a little bit weird to me since we live in a moment where we are told as a matter of official orthodoxy, my kids learned this in school, that you can change your gender just by saying so,” Carlson added.

“So, in a world where you can change your gender just by saying so — why is it important to be a specific gender?” he asked. “It’s meaningless if you can change it just by saying so.”

Arue replied, “Right, so then we should have a woman and all those other genders at the table.”

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