Melania Trump Makes History With Badass Move Before Leaving For Japan

The Trumps are off to Asia for their historic trip and Melania Trump is making the right kind of history…especially when you consider the current social climate, which is all about women empowering women.

It is the clarion call of the left – that men have ruined the world – and they blame conservatives more than anyone.

Heck, Hillary made it a central point of her campaign – elect me because I am a woman. Remember her humiliating glass ceiling victory party?


The horrified look on Hillary supporters faces will go down in history as an all-time great picture, just like raising the flag on Iwo Jima and the man in Tiananmen Square staring down the tanks. Just wonderful.

But to show you the liberals true colors they should be celebrating the fact that, according to Washington Examiner, First Lady Melania Trump will be protected by Japan’s first-ever all-female police squad when she visits Japan.

True, technically Melania didn’t do this but it is historic and she could have refused…but the point is if Melania was a Democrat this would be front page news.

She is empowering women and setting a good example, but because Melania is a conservative, nary a word from the media.

“The job is to look out for any dangers and suspicious individuals at the destination of female dignitaries,” police Sgt. Kawamura Reiko said according to Newsweek. “Our aim is to be gentle and astute, utilizing the viewpoint and sensibility unique to women to ensure there won’t be any dangerous things or suspicious people at the location.”

Good for Melania for setting the proper example, regardless if the media covers it.