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NEWT NAILS IT! Gingrich Comments Might Shut Down The Nutty 9th Circuit Court For GOOD!

Time for a mini-rant, folks, but trust me, you’re gonna love this one.

Liberals care only for their agenda. It is a false myth that liberals spread that say they care about people.

Obama couldn’t stack the Supreme Court with liberal judges during his term (thank GOD), so he stacked the nutty 9th circuit instead, creating a huge speed bump for the next Republican administration (President Trump is going through this as we speak).

The 9th circuit is the most overturned court in US history at over 80% (more than the D.C. circuit). It is made up of worthless left wingers who issue rulings based on ideology instead of the law and Constitution. Just like they did in the Muslim case recently.

They never even mentioned the law in their ruling!! California has 38 million people….more than Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Utah and Oregon combined. They have a whopping 25 judges when other circuit courts have less than 10. This must change.


After the liberal 9th circuit court blocked ANOTHER one of President Trump’s orders, Newt Gingrich just laid out the plan to shut them down! President Trump’s Social Media director Tweeted out this video of Newt’s comments and it’s going VIRAL!

Newt explains that the founders set up our system so the President can shut these courts down if they overstep their authority. The 9th Circuit, which has BLOCKED Trump’s temporary travel ban, AND the order defunding Sanctuary cities, has gone too far.

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Turns out, Newt has been saying this for years. We found this exchange he had with Megyn Kelly in 2012 where he laid out his plan to fight back against these liberal judges!

With the 9th circuit being overturned four out of five times I would say that it is incompetent, and has an agenda.

Congress Section 1, Article 8, has the power to create all the lower courts like the 9th, so it also has the power to close down the 9th circuit and form, as congress does, a committee to study the replacement. The cases that would have been handled by the this court can be distributed to the others. So, all those 9th circuit judges would be laid off. Trump would then be able to pick the judges that will fill the newly-formed courts. What do you think of that?

Liberal loons must have missed the 60+ arrests made and convictions of people from those seven countries for trying to commit terror acts on US soil since 9/11.

Yes, none of them have ever committed a terrorist act. But that does not mean they have not TRIED.

So by all means, let’s make it easier for them, shall we? Who needs personal safety, we have hashtags, right?


h/t: Subject Politics